Alert About Award Coverage

On Monday 27 March 2006 the Commonwealth Workplace Relations Amendment (Work Choices) Act 2005 commenced operation and has altered who is covered by Awards of the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

This Commonwealth coverage has continued with the Fair Work Act 2009 and the issuance of modern awards.

Employers and employees should be aware that corporations (foreign, trading and financial corporations formed within Australia) and their employees are likely to now be subject to the Commonwealth Fair Work Act 2009 and as a result, the existing Western Australian Industrial Awards may not apply to them.

On and from 27 March 2006, for corporations or people employed by corporations, Western Australian State Awards may have status in a modified form under the Commonwealth Act. If you think this may affect you, you should seek professional advice.

 Award IDAward Name
ABO001Aboriginal Medical Service Employees' Awarddocpdf
ABO005Aboriginal Communities and Organisations Western Australian Interim Award 2011docpdf
AER001Aerated Water and Cordial Manufacturing Industry Award 1975docpdf
AGE001Aged and Disabled Persons Hostels Award, 1987docpdf
AIR001Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry (Construction and Servicing) Award No. 10 of 1979docpdf
ALC001Alcoa Long Service Leave Conditions Award, 1980docpdf
AMB002Ambulance Service Employees' Award, 1969docpdf
ANI001Animal Welfare Industry Awarddocpdf
ART001Artworkers Awarddocpdf
AUS033Australian Workers Union Road Maintenance, Marking and Traffic Management Award 2002 - Thedocpdf
AWU017AWU National Training Wage (Agriculture) Award 1994docpdf
BAG001Bag, Sack and Textile Awarddocpdf
BAK002Bakers' (Country) Award No. 18 of 1977docpdf
BAK003Bakers' (Metropolitan) Award No. 13 of 1987docpdf
BES001Bespoke Bootmakers' and Repairers' Award No. 4 of 1946docpdf
BRE001Breadcarters (Country) Award 1976docpdf
BRE002Breadcarters' (Metropolitan) Awarddocpdf
BRI001Brick Manufacturing Award 1979docpdf
BRU001Brushmakers' Award No. 30 of 1959docpdf
BUI001Building and Engineering Trades (Nickel Mining and Processing) Award, 1968docpdf
BUI003Building Trades (Construction) Award 1987docpdf
BUI006Building Trades (Government) Award 1968docpdf
BUI008Building Trades Award 1968docpdf
CAS001Case and Box Makers' Award, 1952docpdf
CAT002Catering Employees and Tea Attendants (Government) Award 1982docpdf
CAT004Catering Workers' (North Rankin A) Long Service Leave Conditions Award No. A 40 of 1987docpdf
CAT006Catering Employees' (North West Shelf Project) Long Service Leave Conditions Award 1991docpdf
CHI001Child Care (Lady Gowrie Child Centre) Awarddocpdf
CHI002Child Care (Out of School Care - Playleaders) Awarddocpdf
CHI003Child Care (Subsidised Centres) Awarddocpdf
CHI006Children's Services (Government) Award 1989docpdf
CHI007Children's Services (Private) Award 2006docpdf
CHI008Children's Services Consent Award 1984docpdf
CIV004Civil Service Association Western Australia Police Auxiliary Officers' Award 2013docpdf
CLE001Cleaners and Caretakers (Car and Caravan Parks) Award 1975docpdf
CLE002Cleaners and Caretakers (Government) Award 1975docpdf
CLE004Cleaners and Caretakers Award, 1969docpdf
CLE018Clerks (Unions and Labor Movement) Award 2004docpdf
CLO001Clothing Trades Award 1973docpdf
CLR002Clerks (Commercial, Social and Professional Services) Award No. 14 of 1972docpdf
CLR004Clerks (Timber) Awarddocpdf
CLR007Clerks' (Accountants' Employees) Award 1984docpdf
CLR009Clerks (Bailiffs' Employees) Award 1978docpdf
CLR029Clerks' (Customs and/or Shipping and/or Forwarding Agents) Awarddocpdf
CLR032Clerks' (Grain Handling) Award, 1977docpdf
CLR035Clerks' (Hotels, Motels and Clubs) Award 1979docpdf
CLR044Clerks (Racing Industry - Betting) Award 1978docpdf
CLR051Clerks' (Wholesale & Retail Establishments) Award No. 38 of 1947docpdf
CLU001Club Workers' Awarddocpdf
COM001Commercial Travellers and Sales Representatives' Award 1978docpdf
COM003Community Colleges Award, 1990docpdf
COM004Community Welfare Department Hostels Award 1983docpdf
CON005Contract Cleaners Award, 1986docpdf
CON006Contract Cleaners' (Ministry of Education) Award, 1990docpdf
CON007The Contract Cleaning (F.M.W.U.) Superannuation Award 1988docpdf
COU001Country High School Hostels Award, 1979docpdf
COU008Country High School Hostels Authority Residential College Supervisory Staff Award 2005docpdf
CRI002Crisis Assistance, Supported Housing Industry - Western Australian Interim Award 2011docpdf
CUL001Cultural Centre Award 1987docpdf
DAI001Dairy Factory Workers' Award 1982docpdf
DAM001Dampier Port Authority Port Officers Award 1989docpdf
DEC001Deckhands (Passenger Ferries, Launches and Barges) Awarddocpdf
DEN001Dental Technicians'and Attendant/Receptionists' Award, 1982docpdf
DEP001Department of Communities (CSA Family Resource Workers, Welfare Assistants and Parent Helpers) Award 1990docpdf
DRA003Draughtsmen's, Tracers', Planners' and Technical Officers' Award 1979 - Thedocpdf
DRI001Dried Vine Fruits Industry Award, 1951 - Thedocpdf
DRU001Drum Reclaiming Awarddocpdf
DRY001Dry Cleaning and Laundry Award 1979docpdf
EAR001Earth Moving and Construction Awarddocpdf
EDU001Education Department Ministerial Officers Salaries Allowances and Conditions Award 1983 No 5 of 1983docpdf
EGG001Egg Processing Award 1978docpdf
ELE001Electorate Officers Award 1986docpdf
ELE002Electrical Contracting Industry Award R 22 of 1978docpdf
ELE004Electrical Trades (Security Alarms Industry) Award, 1980docpdf
ELE007Electronics Industry Award No. A 22 of 1985docpdf
ENG002Engine Drivers' (Building and Steel Construction) Award No. 20 of 1973docpdf
ENG003Engine Drivers' (General) Awarddocpdf
ENG004Engine Drivers' (Gold Mining) Consolidated Award, 1979docpdf
ENG005Engine Drivers' (Nickel Mining) Award 1968docpdf
ENG010Engine Drivers' Minerals Production (Salt) Industry Award, 1970docpdf
ENG013Engineering Trades (Government) Award, 1967 Award Nos. 29, 30 and 31 of 1961 and 3 of 1962docpdf
ENR001Enrolled Nurses and Nursing Assistants (Government) Awarddocpdf
ENR002Enrolled Nurses and Nursing Assistants (Private) Award No 8 of 1978docpdf
FAM001Family Day Care Co-Ordinators' and Assistants' Award, 1985docpdf
FAR001Farm Employees' Award 1985docpdf
FAS001Fast Food Outlets Award 1990docpdf
FIR001Fire Brigade Employees (Workshops) Award 1983docpdf
FIR003Fire Brigade Employees' Award, 1990, No. A 28 of 1989docpdf
FOO001Food Industry (Food Manufacturing or Processing) Awarddocpdf
FOR003Foremen (Building Trades) Award 1991docpdf
FRU001Fruit and Produce Market Employees Award No. 50 of 1955docpdf
FRU002Fruit Growing and Fruit Packing Industry Award - Thedocpdf
FUN001Funeral Directors' Assistants' Award No. 18 of 1962docpdf
FUR002Furniture Trades Industry Awarddocpdf
GAO001Prison Officers' Awarddocpdf
GAR001Gardeners (Government) 1986 Award No. 16 of 1983docpdf
GAT001Gate, Fence and Frames Manufacturing Awarddocpdf
GOL003Golf Link and Bowling Green Employees' Award, 1993docpdf
GOV004Government Officers (Social Trainers) Award 1988docpdf
GOV005Government Officers (Insurance Commission of Western Australia) Award, 1987docpdf
GOV006Government Officers Salaries, Allowances and Conditions Award 1989docpdf
HAI001Hairdressers Award 1989docpdf
HEA001Health Attendants Award, 1979docpdf
HEA002Health Care Industry (Private) Superannuation Award 1987docpdf
HEA004Health Workers - Community and Child Health Services Award, 1980docpdf
HOR001Horticultural (Nursery) Industry Award No. 30 of 1980 - Thedocpdf
HOS006Hospital Salaried Officers (Dental Therapists) Award, 1980docpdf
HOS008Hospital Salaried Officers (Nursing Homes) Award 1976docpdf
HOS009Hospital Salaried Officers (Private Hospitals) Award, 1980docpdf
HOS018Hospital Workers (Cleaning Contractors - Private Hospitals) Award 1978docpdf
HOS019Hospital Workers (Government) Award No. 21 of 1966docpdf
HOS020Hospital Workers' (N'Gala) Award No. 6A of 1958docpdf
HOT001Hotel and Tavern Workers' Awarddocpdf
IND001Independent Schools (Boarding House) Supervisory Staff Awarddocpdf
IND002Independent Schools' Teachers' Award 1976docpdf
IND008Industrial Spraypainting and Sandblasting Awarddocpdf
IND010Independent Schools Administrative and Technical Officers Award 1993docpdf
IND012Independent Schools Psychologists and Social Workers Awarddocpdf
INS001Juvenile Custodial Officers' Awarddocpdf
IRO012Iron Ore Production & Processing (Locomotive Drivers) Award 2006 - Thedocpdf
IRO014Iron Ore Production & Processing (Locomotive Drivers Rio Tinto Railway) Award 2006docpdf
LAN001Landscape Gardening Industry Awarddocpdf
LAU002Laundry Workers' Award, 1981docpdf
LIC001Licensed Establishments (Retail and Wholesale) Award 1979docpdf
LOC001Local Government Officers' (Western Australia) Interim Award 2011docpdf
MAR004Marine Stores Awarddocpdf
MAS005Masters, Mates and Engineers Passenger Ferries Awarddocpdf
MEA004Meat Industry (State) Award, 2003docpdf
MEN001Mental Health Nurses' Consolidated Award 1981 No. 13 of 1947docpdf
MET001Metal Trades (General) Awarddocpdf
MET004WA Public Hospitals (Doctors in Training) Award 2011docpdf
MIN002Mineral Sands Industry Award 1991docpdf
MIS001Miscellaneous Workers' (Activ Foundation) Awarddocpdf
MIS003Miscellaneous Workers' (Security Industry) Superannuation Award, 1987docpdf
MIS004Miscellaneous Government Conditions and Allowances Award No A 4 of 1992docpdf
MON001Monumental Masonry Industry Award, 1989docpdf
MOT001Motel, Hostel, Service Flats and Boarding House Workers' Awarddocpdf
MOT002Motor Vehicle (Service Station, Sales Establishments, Rust Prevention and Paint Protection) Industry Award No. 29 of 1980docpdf
MUN001Municipal Employees (Western Australia) Interim Award 2011docpdf
MUS002Musicians' General (State) Award 1985docpdf
NGA002Ngala Superannuation Award, 1989docpdf
NUR001Nurses (Child Care Centres) Award 1984docpdf
NUR004Nurses (Dentists Surgeries) Award 1977docpdf
NUR005Nurses (Doctors Surgeries) Award 1977docpdf
NUR008Nurses' (ANF-RFDS Western Operations) Awarddocpdf
NUR010Nurses' (Aboriginal Medical Services) Award No. A 23 of 1987docpdf
NUR013Nurses' (Day Care Centres) Award docpdf
NUR015Nurses' (Independent Schools) Awarddocpdf
NUR018Nurses' (Private Hospitals) Awarddocpdf
OPT001Optical Mechanics' Award, 1971docpdf
PAR001Parliamentary Employees Award 1989docpdf
PAR002Particle Board Employees' Award, 1964docpdf
PAR003Particle Board Industry Award No. 10 of 1978docpdf
PAS001Pastrycooks' Award No. 24 of 1981docpdf
PER003Performers Live Award (WA) 1993docpdf
PES001Pest Control Industry Awarddocpdf
PHO002Photographic Industry Award, 1980docpdf
PIP001Pipe, Tile and Pottery Manufacturing Industry Awarddocpdf
PLA002Plaster, Plasterglass and Cement Workers' Award No. A 29 of 1989docpdf
PLY001Plywood and Veneer Workers Awarddocpdf
PLY002Plywood and Veneer Workers' Award, 1952docpdf
POL002Police Award 1965 - Thedocpdf
POR003Port Hedland Port Authority Port Control Officers Award 1982docpdf
POU001Poultry Breeding Farm & Hatchery Workers' Award 1976docpdf
PRI003Printing Awarddocpdf
PRI011Printing Industry Superannuation Award 1991docpdf
PRI012Private Hospital Employees' Award, 1972docpdf
PRO017Prospector and AvonLink on Train Customer Service Officers Awarddocpdf
PSY001Psychiatric Nurses' (Public Hospitals) Award 1973docpdf
PUB001Public Service Allowances (Fisheries and Wildlife Officers) Award 1990docpdf
PUB007Public Service Award 1992docpdf
PUB042Public Transport Authority Rail Car Drivers (Transperth Train Operations) Award 2006docpdf
PUB043Public Transport Authority (Transwa) Award 2006docpdf
QUA001Quarry Workers' Award, 1969docpdf
QUA002Quadriplegic Centre Awarddocpdf
RAD002Radio and Television Employees' Awarddocpdf
RAI001Railway Employees' Award No. 18 of 1969docpdf
RAN001Rangers Consolidated Award 2000docpdf
REC001Recreation Camps (Department for Sport and Recreation) Awarddocpdf
RES002Restaurant, Tearoom and Catering Workers' Awarddocpdf
RET022Retail Pharmacists' Award 2004docpdf
ROC001Rock Lobster and Prawn Processing Award 1978 - Thedocpdf
ROP001Rope and Twine Workers' Awarddocpdf
SAD001Saddlers and Leatherworkers' Awarddocpdf
SAL005Salaried Officers (Association for the Blind of Western Australia) Award, 1995docpdf
SAW001Saw Servicing Establishments Award No. 17 of 1977docpdf
SCH001School Employees (Independent Day & Boarding Schools) Award, 1980docpdf
SEC002Security Officers' Awarddocpdf
SHE002Sheet Metal Workers' Award No. 10 of 1973docpdf
SHE003Shearing Contractors' Award of Western Australia 2003docpdf
SHI001Ship Painters' and Dockers' Award No 29 of 1960docpdf
SHO001Shop and Warehouse (Wholesale and Retail Establishments) State Award 1977 - Thedocpdf
SHO002Show Grounds Maintenance Worker's Awarddocpdf
SOA001Soap and Allied Products Manufacturing Awarddocpdf
SOC001Social Trainers (Nulsen Haven) Awarddocpdf
SOC002Social Trainers and Assistant Supervisors' (Activ Foundation) Awarddocpdf
SOC007Social and Community Services (Western Australia) Interim Award 2011docpdf
SOF001Soft Furnishings Awarddocpdf
STA002State Research Stations, Agricultural Schools and College Workers Award 1971docpdf
STO001Storemen (Government) Consolidated Award 1979docpdf
SUP002Supported Employees Industry Awarddocpdf
SWA001Swan Brewery Company Limited (Superannuation) Award 1987 - Thedocpdf
TEA005Teachers' Aides' (Independent Schools) Award 1988docpdf
TEA006Teachers' Aides' Award, 1979docpdf
TEA007Teachers (Public Sector Primary and Secondary Education) Award 1993docpdf
TEA008Teachers (Public Sector Technical and Further Education) Award 1993docpdf
THE002Theatrical Employees (Perth Theatre Trust) Award No. 9 of 1983docpdf
THE003Theatrical Employees Entertainment, Sporting and Amusement Facilities (Western Australian Government) Award 1987docpdf
THE004Thermal Insulation Contracting Industry Awarddocpdf
TIM002Timber Workers Award No. 36 of 1950docpdf
TIM003Timber Yard Workers Award No. 11 of 1951docpdf
TRA001Training Assistants' and Community Support Staff (Cerebral Palsy Association) Award 1987docpdf
TRA004Transport Workers (Government) Award, 1952docpdf
TRA005Transport Workers (Mobile Food Vendors) Award 1987docpdf
TRA008Transport Workers (General) Award No. 10 of 1961docpdf
TRA009Transport Workers' (North West Passenger Vehicles) Award, 1988docpdf
TRA010Transport Workers' (Passenger Vehicles) Awarddocpdf
UNI002University, Colleges and Swanleigh Award, 1980docpdf
VEH002Vehicle Builders' Award 1971docpdf
WAG006WA Government Health Services Engineering and Building Services Award 2004docpdf
WAH001WA Health - HSU Award 2006docpdf
WAH019WA Health CSA Dental Technicians (Dental Health Services) Award 2016docpdf
WAR001Ward Assistants (Mental Health Services) Award 1966docpdf
WAT001Watchmakers' and Jewellers' Award, 1970docpdf
WES012WA Public Hospitals (Senior Medical Practitioners) Award 2011docpdf
WES013Western Australian Surveying (Private Practice) Industry Award, 2003 - Thedocpdf
WES015West Australian Petroleum Pty Ltd Long Service Leave Conditions Award 1991docpdf
WES264Western Australian Professional Engineers (General Industries) Award 2004 - Thedocpdf
WIN001Wine Industry (WA) Award 2005docpdf
WOO002Woodside Offshore Petroleum Pty. Ltd. Long Service Leave Conditions Award, 1984docpdf
WOO005Wool, Hide and Skin Store Employees' Award No. 8 of 1966docpdf
WOR001Worsley Alumina Pty. Ltd. Long Service Leave Conditions Award, 1984docpdf
ZOO001Zoological Gardens Employees Award 1969docpdf